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Owl (box book)


Box book with a owl inside its nest!

The shipping costs outside of Italy depend on the destination. Please contact us!


Product Description

Box book with an hidden container and 100 blank pages.
The decorations are hand made and are attached to the cover. The cover is made of cortex.
The used fabric is always chosen according to the design.

If the article is not in stock, we can produce it in 3 working days.

Shipping costs are listed for Crono Internazionale (Poste Italiane) with tracking. Contact us!
The delivery depends on the destination country and usually takes:
– 3 working days (in addition to the pick up one) for Europe (3-5 working days for some Norway/Portugal cities)
– 3-5 working days(in addition to the pick up one) for the rest of the World.
In some rare cases it may take longer.

This box book is hand made and for this reason unique. It is not an official marketing item.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Additional Information

external size

22 x 16 x 6 cm

internal size of the hidden case

10 x 16 cm
depth 2 cm


750 gr

paper color


Paper thickness

80 gr

Number of pages



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