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Baggins Door (box book)


Box book with the Baggins door on the cover. The box is inspired to the Lord Of the Rings fantasy world. Protect your secrets and your dreams in the Bilbo House.
The book can be used as Book Of Shadows, Witch’s Mirror Book, Potion Making Book, Prop Book, Photographic Book and to protect dreams and secrets.
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Product Description

Box book with an hidden container and 100 blank pages. The attached decorations and the hinges are created by means of a plywood laser cut machine. The used fabric is always chosen according to the design.
This box book is inspired to the fantasy world, hand made and for this reason unique. It is not an official marketing item

Additional Information

external size

22 x 16 x 6 cm

internal size of the hidden case

diameter 12 cm
depth 2 cm


750 gr

paper color


Grammatura carta

80 gr

Paper thickness



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