Who are “Le 3 Befane”?

Old Witch

Befana Anziana – (Angelilla) Angela Martinetti

10981444_1041577749193050_6316187831231559060_n Grizzled WitchBefana Brizzolata – Francesca D’Amato
 10686932_10204419643882966_9051179320164636788_n Ancient Witch
Befana Antica – (Mamma Chan) Fulvia Pasini
 10479324_10206064597807826_873632081716176053_n New witchBefana Novella – (Lallina, “I am not Angela!!”)

Laura Martinetti

10694472_10152723976323260_9208176492146672_o Sorcerer’s apprenticeApprendista stregone – Stefano Giani
  Mr. Olivander – (Ochoi) Carlo Martinetti, Befane founder, ancient sorcerer of ancestral wisdom

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